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{WOAH! Rainbow Eevee!}

I'm a 24 year old autistic girl.
I love to create things.
Sometimes I miss social cues.
I feel things intensely and might need a bit of patience.
I love picmix :3
My favourite celebs are Gregg Sulkin and William Moseley ♥
I am way into Disney, cartoons and gaming :3
I love aesthetic stuffs too

Sometimes I might need help with stuff that seems simple so sorry if I ask many annoying questions! Also tell me if that's the case! Thank you! :3

06/04/2021 02:44

PicMix (547)

{♥}Teacup Kitty{♥}
({[Vaporwave Extreme 0Range]})
{Afro Birb}
{Pink & Green Egyptian Fairy}
Espurr - Unpredictable {Banner}
{{Ice Cream Dreams}}
Cyan Clown Elf
~Purple & Pink Pixie~
(((Little Miss Strawberry Chocolate)))
{Cat Kid eating a Strawberry Ice Cream}
{Rudely Awoken}
{{Little Miss Muffet}}
{From Reality to Roses}
80's Style Dog
{Classic Link}
{♥}Spaniel in Pink{♥}
{In the West}
(((Cute Little LPS Ladybird)))
{Pink LPS Seal}
{Cheeky Lil' Girl}
{Princess Aurora - Olive}
(♥)Baby Aurora(♥)
{{{Happy Birthday Alex!}}}
{{{Pepsi Pony}}}
{{{Pastel Snow White}}}
{{{Snowy Owl with Rainbows}}}
{#}William Moseley with Incineroar{#}
{Queen in Blue}
Espeon {Banner}
{[A Disney Surprise with Cake]}
{♥♣♥}Cute Giraffe{♥♣♥}
{♥}William Moseley{♥}
{{Taffyta Muttonfudge}}
{WOAH! Rainbow Eevee!}

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Tea Set BackgroundSmall Pink FrameBlack/Orange Aesthetic BackgroundSmall Orange FrameZoo EnclosureSmall Grey FramePink Egypt BackgroundSmall Green/Pink FrameEspurrPowerpuff Girls - BunnySmall Cyan FrameSmall Brown FrameIce Cream Van Beach BackgroundSmall Blue FrameSmall Pink FrameSmall Blue/Pink Frame

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