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The Magic of Spring..

My real name is Diane & I live in the USA.. I want to thank everyone for their beautiful works of art. I love you all and send you lots of hugs. Again thankyou ALL as I am seeing new people comment/vote and it is so nice. Out with a terrible Migraine for awhile now. :x

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Beautiful Horses...
Art by Dian lll
Art by Dian lll
The Magic of Spring..
Three Friends Enjoying Paris
A Beautiful Asian Girl
A Very Colorful Picture...
Art by Dian lll
Two Sisters on the Catwalk..
The End to Winter as Spring Thoughts Come to Mind
A Beautiful Indian Woman
Romance on the Chateau...
You are my Special Angel
Art by Dian lll
Art by Dian lll
Grandma's Farm
Green Eyed Lady
Just Be Yourself Always
A Very Colorful Portrait..
Portrait of a Young Woman
A Woman and her Horse
Angie You're Beautiful
Visiting with Mom on the Farm...
Art by Dian lll
Art by Dian lll
Vintage Woman
Art by Dian lll
Remember this You are Beautiful Always
Little Girl Playing in the Snow.
Art by Dian lll
A Beauty Sure to be Told
You are on my Mind Always
Art by Dian lll
The Music Plays in Her Heart
Dreaming of what is yet to come...

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· そこ 2 日
ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλη μου για τα πολύ
όμορφα σχόλιά σου,και της σημειώσεις,
φιλιά-φιλίας μου..🌻
Ma création ✿ 💖 ‿💖 ✿
· そこ 3 日
Hello Diane,
Thanks very much for your nice visit, and kindly com and rating
Have a wonderful day
Hugs and Kisses
The Magic of Spring..
· そこ 4 日
I want to thank you all for stopping by and for your extremely nice comments! I do these because it because it calms me down and I also love to see what everyone else is doing as you are all so good. Thank you for letting me see what you do! I sincerely mean that. Hugsss and love... >:D< :-* :-*
Ma création ✿ 💖 ‿💖 ✿
· そこ 10 日
Hello Imawildone,
Thanks very much for your very nice com and rating
Have a great night
Hugs and Kisses :x
little angel and the doves contest
· そこ 21 日
Good night sweetie i Miss you : :-O x =(( :P t = X( v((
· ザ 18 2月 2021
Thank you very much dear Diane for your kind comments and notes. I wish you have a good Thursday. Kisses :x
· ザ 17 2月 2021
Hello Diane, thank you very much for your beautiful words. I wish you have a nice day. Kisses :x
ღ C'est pas la forme ! ღ
· ザ 16 2月 2021
Good evening Diane,
thank you very much for the kind visits, comments and ratings.
Take care of yourself.
Kisses and friendship :x
little angel and the doves contest
· ザ 16 2月 2021
have a great day kisses :x :x
Angel in purple colors
· ザ 16 2月 2021
Dankje wel Diane fijne dag :x